Top 16 Entertainment Operation Priorities Post-COVID-19

Apr 24, 2020 | Leadership

Content Contributed by KWP

As the focus for entertainment centers shifts towards reopening, there are a lot of factors to consider. Things have changed, and there is a new normal facing all entertainment businesses. In accordance with the new reality, new steps and actions must be taken to help guests and employees feel safe inside your facility again.

Sounds stressful, right? Don’t worry! To help with the process, here is a 16 step priority list to consider when reopening. These steps are categorized by Back of House (operator side) and Front of House (customer side).

Back of House (Operator)

The following 8 priorities involve the Back of House for an FEC. This has to do with your behind the scenes preparations and tasks.

  1. Restructuring Layout – Remodeling layout to ensure distancing for new capacity.
  2. Restaffing – Regrouping the team needed to run the operation under new rules.
  3. Retraining – Empowering the team to operate the venue under new conditions.
  4. Restocking – Equipping the site and ensuring a correct procedure moving forward.
  5. Sanitizing Process – Deep-clean after hibernation, and new continuing procedure.
  6. Preventative Maintenance – Ensuring all is working correctly after suspension.
  7. Venue Capacity – Enforcing local facility guest and staff capacity requirements.
  8. Reactivation – Confirming that all licenses, permits and policies are current.

Front of House (Customer)

The next 8 priorities cover the Front of House, or customer-facing tasks:

9. Brand Recognition – Getting the current message out to an audience in a shutdown.
10. Flexible Pricing – Creating a relevant pricing structure, encouraging repeat visitation.
11. Online Presence – Update website and social media, promoting new approach.
12. Registration-Only – Accepting only online registration to attend the facility.
13. Guest Screening – Remodeling layout to ensure distancing for new capacity.
14. Appropriate Signage – Informing the guests towards what measures are in place.
15. Virtual Queue Line – Giving guests a number to book their rides and experiences.
16. Facility Social Distancing – Less covers, and restrictions on clustering of guests.

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