Re-boot + Continuation Plan: Redemption Room

Apr 27, 2020 | Marketing

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As you’re creating your reopen and continuation of business plan, consider the extra measure you want to take to keep customers safe in your redemption room.

As states and cities begin to lift restrictions and the public begins to venture back into entertainment centers, we have been asking ourselves what redemption may look like in the “new normal.” We’ve compiled some recommendations for your business and are continuing to rethink the redemption component so your customers feel safe and have a great experience.

Cleaning surfaces is not enough. You must also include disinfecting protocols in your cleaning routines. This includes counters, POS systems, etc. Here is a list of disinfectants that can be used against Coronavirus from the EPA. Cleaning is also something that should be normalized during business hours, in front of your customers. Not only does this reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19, it also provides psychological safety for your customers while in the facility.

The most important thing to remember about your redemption area is the less products can be touched, the better. However, you’ll want to make sure you are creating the safest environment possible while still delivering a good guest experience.

Complete redemption room access is not recommended because kids and parents could be touching multiple items. Cleaning each item isn’t feasible because of the quantity and packaging on most items so you must resort to limiting touch. However, it will still be important that customers still be able to see the prizes that are available.

Here are some suggestions on how to manage re-opening the redemption space:

Utilize stanchions two or three feet away from the redemption walls to prevent touching of the products. Using signage and employee assistance. Keep lower numbers in terms of traffic in the redemption store. Have employees pull the items from the wall. Ensure employees are regularly washing their hands as to limit cross-contamination.

If the point of sale counter is not at the entrance of your store, create a temporary counter at the entrance. Far enough into the store that all items can be seen, but not far enough that allows for people to have free roam of the store. Utilize signage and employees to help customers choose items, bring it to the customer instead of the customer bringing it to the counter.

The use of plexiglass or acrylic borders is recommended as well. Redemption Plus can create affordable barriers that are see-through but will allow employees to retrieve the prizes for the customers.

For bin items, if possible, move acrylic bins behind the counter or stanchions to prevent children from reaching into them. Depending on the style of your bins, you can also turn the bins around so the openings are not public-facing. In this instance, you will have staff pull products from plastic storage bins behind the counter instead of from the bins themselves. This will also keep your bins looking full without the need to replenish them daily. Small, lidded, plastic totes are affordable and can be purchased from most retail stores.

Consider other ways to redeem prizes. Create a paper or online catalog where customers can shop what’s available. From there they will make their selections, hand the order to an employee who will then pick the prizes, similar to a grocery pickup process or Girl Scout Cookie order form.

Be sure to have plenty of signage and other forms of communication so that guests know what is expected of them. Have front-desk team members explain how the redemption process will work to each guest who buys game room credits. Place instruction signs in a visible spot for guests to reference when they’re ready to redeem tickets.

While we don’t know exactly what to expect as people come back to your locations, we do want to help you establish good protocols within the redemption area so the rewarding experience of cashing out points or tickets remains a constant in the arcade ecosystem.

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