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This next in the series of guides to operators of amusement and attractions venues, in the changing landscape #AfterLockdown. An overview of the best practice and suggestions on marketing and promoting your operation, brand and offering, as you recommence business, in a crowded market.

Special Comments

  • Treat your position as if you are “Restarting Afresh”
  • No matter how long in operation, take a fresh look at your business
  • Be prepared to start afresh, make no assumptions
  • Undertake this evaluation even if you are an established business
  • Understand these are your guests, not just your customers

Start-up Mode

  • Look at what you intend to offer and what makes that special
  • Take advantage of a fresh look at your branding and identity
  • Evaluate if your offering is the best it can be to achieve you goals
  • Ensure your team understands and agrees with the direction being

Market Research

  • Look at the competition in your immediate area, not just entertainment
  • Use social media to collect information on competitions offerings
  • Use Online Resources to collect information on best practices
  • Visit industry association and media resources for information

Value Proposition

  • Establish what your Unique Selling Point will be
  • Understand what is your target audience (don’t have just one target)
  • Ensure you are offering a flexible package to suit changing needs
  • Do not fixate on the hardware or technology, but on the experience

Undertake a SWOT Analysis

  • Ascertain what your Strengths are against competitors
  • Ascertain what your key Weaknesses are (see if they have changed)
  • What Opportunities do you have now to improve your position
  • Consider all Threats to the business, especially from other operators

Employ Digital Marketing

  • Use Social Media to collect information on core market
  • Look at using Google and Facebook to construct a detailed database
  • Understand how best to share your message through these mediums
  • Consider using Influencers to help shape your message
  • Set up email automations to keep top of mind with guests

Communicate with Guests

  • Gather from database of guests and ask some important questions:
  • Ask them what is important to them now
  • Ask them what they like best about your offering
  • Ask them what they are missing right now
  • Use these testimonials in all marketing channels to attract new guests

Understand What is Important

  • Build up a profile from your database of your key customers
  • Start to collect a database of targets from social media
  • Understand the best way to reach out and connect with your guests
  • Highlight your offering and how much you value the community
  • Don’t just push information, pull too – by asking questions

Build a List of Social Influencers

  • Ascertain the key individuals and posters (influencers) in your area
  • Reach out to influencers and offer incentives to support you
  • Include information that can be shared through these channels
  • Give them early access and previews to new offerings as exclusive

Build a Social Community

  • Build contact with fellow proprietors in the Area
  • Offer shared promotion of services (local food and products)
  • Ensure contact with local government, promote reopening
  • Special offer for local businesses
  • Invite First Responders families

Build a Fun Message About Your Offering

  • Create video of efforts taken to keep guests safe at site
  • Create fun message, do not over emphasize risk
  • Ensure you are building on family values’ and community spirit
  • Remember you are in the “social” entertainment business

Create Social Media Moments

  • Ensure capture images of guests in venue
  • Create video of preview opening
  • Create video about reopening promoting family and staff
  • Ensure website pages achieve best presentation
  • Use loyalist testimonials to promote the business

Arrange a Preview Opening

  • Arrange a special preview opening of the facility
  • Ensure that this is videoed for later use in marketing channels
  • Ensure you make it feel like a special event (must attend)
  • Reward loyalists (previous guests), treat them like celebrities

Offer a Unique Value Proposition

  • Understand what you offer that is unique compared to competition
  • Understand how you can improve that offering
  • Consider how you promote and describe that offering to your guests
  • Promote your offering in a unique way

Final Observations

This is “Not Game Over” for our businesses but is the beginning of a new chapter in growing our business. This will need resolve and a preparation to embrace and support guests looking to enjoy the social community and fun offered.
Help guests recapture social entertainment again!

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